Building glades is what we do and we are passionate about doing the very best so that when you come backcountry ski, you will have a great experience. To find a glade we look first for total vertical feet, then at forest type. Mature trees will provide a dense canopy, which limits undergrowth, which is good! Some glades are this way by nature, while others need some light clearing.To find a glade we look first for total vertical feet, then at forest type.

Once we find a prominent hill with a skiable forest type, we look at the aspect, or which cardinal direction the hill is facing. We also look at slope. These two features together will determine the snow conditions; a south face will melt down faster, whereas a north face may be windblown.

Finding Glades

True to our DIY roots, we encourage you to get out and seek powder! With the right equipment you can choose your own adventure. Wherever you live, think parks, trails, forests, and golf courses with permissive ownership. Think big backyards, river valleys and ponds with thick ice.  Think friends, snacks, warm tea, and fun, Think scouting and safety gear!

Things to Look For In a Glade

There are four main things to consider in finding a glade that you will want to lap: Vertical feet, pitch (steepness), aspect (direction the hill faces), and forest type. The vertical feet will determine how far up you need to go, and how long your descent will be. Pitch varies and is up to user preference! Aspect determines how the snow acts; on a southern facing slope the snow may melt down quickly, while on a northern facing slope it may bet windblown. Forest type determines how skiable the area is without any alteration; a thicker, mature canopy will result in low underbrush, for instance, while a younger forest may be thicker with trees as well as brush.

Our Glades: Finland to Lutsen

Here along the highlands of Lake Superior we have identified key skiable glades, ideal for our Hut-to-Hut trail system, through much studying of maps and scouting. We ask that you become a member to support our projects! Members gain access to the Glade Intel Pages, which offer information, directions, and maps to these glades. 

Safety Alert and Disclaimer

This is an unpatrolled, off-trail, remote area. If you get hurt, you may not be found. At all.

Ski at your own risk!

Be prepared!

Ski with a partner!

There may be brush lying in the runs that could become an obstacle as the snow sublimates, melts, or packs down.

Be aware.

No postholing PLEASE. If your skis or snowboard cannot ascend, BRING SNOWSHOES. Postholing ruins the trail for others

Go Shred! Have Fun! Be Safe! Repeat!”