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The most prominent, largest backcountry ski glade in Minnesota is under threat of development. We must save this jewel!!

The Superior National Forest released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort Expansion, and it does not include an alternative that would preserve our terrain.

The draft Environmental Impact Statement was released on Sept. 10th, with a public comment period that is open through December 9, 2021.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do right now is

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  • If you prefer a form letter please use this one here and it will be sent to the forest service

The Forest Service is required to read, consider and address. Spread the word to your neighbors, and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram.

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This is the most important action for us to take right now.

Short Film

“Last Call for Moose Mountain”

by Duluth Filmmaker Josef Fairbanks

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We are the Powderhounds of Minnesota

From advocacy to access, we work to preserve and expand backcountry skiing opportunities along the highlands of the North Shore of Lake Superior. Our vision is for our community of Midwestern backcountry skiers to discover,  cherish and expand the skiing opportunities in our own backyard.

The Glades

Sprinkled along the hills of Lake Superior are delightful glades. Ranging from 350’-750’ vertical feet, our wooded, backcountry ski “zones” offer terrain for everyone, from gentle slopes to huckable cliffs. We are working to obtain permission to designate, access and maintain these glades as Backcountry Ski Areas.

Save Moose Mountain!

Moose Mountain is the crown jewel of skiable terrain in Minnesota. Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort has applied for permission to build a massive expansion onto the 200+ acres of the mountain owned by the Superior National Forest. But we have another idea…


With our wealth of skiable glades, stunning Lake Superior views, and existing hiking trail systems, the Superior Highlands are a prime location for a Hut-to-Hut. Not to mention the hardy northern folk and log-building enthusiasm in our communities!

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Superior Highland Backcountry is a local nonprofit organization promoting the preservation and expansion of backcountry skiing opportunities along the highlands of the North Shore of Lake Superior and is a member of the National Winter Wildland Alliance.