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Backcountry Ski and Tea

Ski for a couple hours, have some tea, ski some more! Enjoy the Sunday evening light on the s

Starting in February 2023 Sundays will be Backcountry Ski and Tea day. The concept is pretty simple. Check out our Events calendar to see what is happening near you and if you can, attend. Invite your friends too.

If you don’t see something near you, feel free to host a Ski and Tea event of your own. No matter where you will be, we are happy to share the details here.

Our SHB community lives in many different places and we encourage you to come together and have some great experiences wherever they may be.

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Finland Glade Intel Example

As a donating member you have access to all pages including “Backcountry Intel” and “The Glades” page that contains excellent information about each glade that has taken hundreds of hours to trek, research and record. By becoming a donor member you gain access to this sought after information. We invite you to become a donor member and help support our continued commitment to the efforts of SHB.

Save Moose Mountain

While we wait to hear next steps from the Forest Service, a petition was created asking US Senator Klobuchar to introduce legislation permanently protecting Superior National Forest lands on Moose Mountain as a National Protection Area. Sign the petition to share your voice and protect our backcountry terrain!

The Glades

Building glades is what we do and we are passionate about doing the very best so that when you come backcountry ski, you will have a great experience.

To find a glade we look first for total vertical feet, then at forest type. Mature trees will provide a dense canopy, which limits undergrowth, which is good! Some glades are this way by nature, while others need some light clearing.

Once we find a prominent hill with a skiable forest type, we look at the aspect, or which cardinal direction the hill is facing. We also look at slope. These two features together will determine the snow conditions; a south face will melt down faster, whereas a north face may be windblown. 


Support Superior Highland Backcountry and while you’re at it, gain access to our Backcountry Intel on the local glades we’ve mapped. Additionally, members get discounts at some of our local community businesses and Business Sponsorships will have their business logo and link posted on our Sponsors page.

Your support of Superior Highland Backcountry helps create local connections to preserve our winter glades, create more access for winter adventure and snow exploration, solve recreation conflicts on our local forests, gather local backcountry communities and continue to build a movement in defense of the winter landscapes we know and love.


By its nature, quality backcountry skiing requires beautiful, aesthetic locations. Here at Superior Highland Backcountry we are skiers and environmental conservationists. We see the creation of backcountry ski areas in our region as an excellent way to weave stewardship, human health and enjoyment, and economic vitality together into a single effort. We are skiers, who will pursue the powder each year as long as our legs will carry us. And we are stewards of our land, for as long as our voices can speak for it.