Superior Highland Backcountry is a local nonprofit organization promoting the preservation and expansion of backcountry skiing opportunities along the highlands of the North Shore of Lake Superior and is a member of the National Winter Wildland Alliance.

In an effort to achieve our goals, we are working on many fronts. We want to thank our sponsors whose help is vital to our success.

The Glades

Building glades is what we do and we are passionate about doing the very best so that when you come backcountry ski, you will have a great experience.

To find a glade we look first for total vertical feet, then at forest type. Mature trees will provide a dense canopy, which limits undergrowth, which is good! Some glades are this way by nature, while others need some light clearing.

Once we find a prominent hill with a skiable forest type, we look at the aspect, or which cardinal direction the hill is facing. We also look at slope. These two features together will determine the snow conditions; a south face will melt down faster, whereas a north face may be windblown. 

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Map Your Route

Sharing your tracks and observations helps us identify and advocate for the protection of high-priority lands for backcountry and Nordic skiing and other human-powered winter adventures.

  • Download the free Mountain Hub App for your smart phone (iOS/GooglePlay) and get after it!
  • Create an account on Powder Project to map important backcountry ski areas and get access to information on backcountry skiing areas across the country.
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Picture a classic Northwoods log cabin, handbuilt, at the top of a snow-covered hill. Add a view of Lake Superior, a cozy woodstove and bunks, and a pair of sick powder skis. Best vacation ever!

Our destination here at SHB is a hut-to-hut trail system. As we identify, obtain access to, and designate each Glade, we intend to erect a hut at the summit. These will be connected by trails, designed for ease of travel from Glade to Glade. Beginning in Finland and ending in Lutsen, this vision is the pinnacle of our inspiration.

Join us to build a Hut-to-Hut system along the Lake Superior Highlands!

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